Govt Industrial Training Institute Adampur

Message from the desk of Principal

This is true that there is no other way than that of industrialization in order to deliver the country out of the morass of poverty and backword nice and ITI’s are producing the skilled workers who are the backbone of industries.

I feel proud on the launch of website of ITI Adampur and take the opportunity to congratulate faculty / staff members, students and all IMC members.

We understand that the website of the Industrial Training Institute could be the best medium to communicate about the various skill development courses undertaken by the institute. Such information is very useful for young generation of the day to understand the courses & potential relevant industries for employment.

This is certainly a milestone for ITI Adampur to launch this site. I am sure that the website is very useful, informative & interesting for everyone who visits this site to get benefited objectively.

“Your feedback is important to improve our functioning.”
Good luck..

Rajiv Sharma

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